Additional Services

QueeriT doesn't only offer website design and build packages. We also offer any kind of support you might need for your presence online.


Wordpress Site Babysitting

$240/year or $20/month

Buy this package, and you'll get weekly updates and backups for your website. We will also keep a constant eye on its performance and security. Wordpress websites are often susceptible to bot attacks, and we have plenty of experience holding off the bots.

one-on-one training/consulting

$100 CAD per hour

We will sit with you, teach you how to update your website, answer any questions you have about integrations, SEO, social media.... our expertise is your oyster!

Get 10% off our hourly rate if you buy a package of 3 or more hours!

behind the scenes work

$50 CAD per hour

Do you want something taken care of by us - something that you just don't want to have to worry about? Just tell us what you need and we'll get it done by the time you need it.

Get 10% off our hourly rate if you buy a package of 5 or more hours!