How is Queerit anti-capitalist?

It’s right there in our tag line: Feminist, anti-capitalist web design and development by and for queers (and those who love us). But what does it mean for a business to be anti-capitalist? Can we hold a stance against capitalism and try to subvert it while operating within it? It’s a common question. Here’s our response.

Capitalism is our current reality.

Unfortunately, if we desire to live in the world and be in relationship with others, it is almost impossible for anyone to refrain from participating in capitalism. So, the approach that we are taking at Queerit is a kind of harm reduction approach. We actively examine the negative ways in which capitalism affects us and our communities and mitigate these by creating counter-structures. For example, a big one that continues to come up is how to deal with challenging times in our lives, because of mental health stuff, life events, etc. We do our best to cover for each other when these challenges come up, communicating as clearly as possible with everyone affected by any changes. We don’t punish each other for experiencing challenges, but thank each other for communicating well, and offer encouragement and support.

We resist individualism.

One of the lies that capitalist culture tells us is that we are alone. Working as a team, being transparent about profits, sharing work, and supporting each other in our work are some ways that we are building a collectivist culture.

Queer and trans people to the front.

In a world that only values people according to what they can produce according to the values of the status quo, queer and trans people are often seen as useless and undesirable because we embody ideals that challenge what society is based on. We generally value community and resource sharing (instead of individualism), different forms of love than cis heterosexual monogamy, and chosen family over biological family. Since the power in society was largely put in place through these systems, queer and trans people pose a threat to power.

We believe that queer and trans people (and their intersecting identities) hold the keys to the future of a society beyond capitalism, beyond the policing of gender and sexuality, beyond white supremacy, ageism, and ableism. At Queerit, we prioritize queer and trans people and projects that include and benefit them. We believe that the future is what we will make it, and we believe that our queer and trans futures are beautiful, beneficial, and possible.

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R.C. Woodmass